Hidden Gems on Netflix!

We all know how hard it is to pick a movie out on Netflix. I have been guilty of taking an hour, getting so frustrated that I turn it off and watch some shite on television. If you are struggling, stick to the below list of my hidden Netflix gems. Would I ever send you wrong?!

Frozen Ground

frozen ground

This is by far the best movie Nicolas Cage has done. Hey plays a cop who is hunting Alaska’s most notorious serial killer played by John Cusack. Vanessa Hudgens plays a prostitute who managed to escape the clutches of the killer. While it can border slightly on the tacky thriller side, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting is great and keep an eye out for 50 Cent.



Precious is a powerful drama set in 80’s Harlem, NYC. It is a tale of triumph over mental, physical and sexual abuse. The powerful female lead leaves you wanting to stand up for something. It follows ‘Precious’, played by Sidibe, as she makes her way through life. Expect strong performances from Mo’Nique and Mariah Carey. It is an very inspirational story. #Tear.



Everyone will probably remember this 80’s classic from their younger years. 16 year old Sarah is raging to find that her baby brother has vanished after she wished he would. The goblin king, played by the late David Bowie, gives her 13 hours to solve a labyrinth before her brother is turned into a goblin. This fantasy will transport you into another world and is well worth the revisit.



This is such an underrated horror/thriller.I just happened to stumble across this film having heard nothing of it before. The plot centres around a deaf writer who has moved to the countryside to finish her book. She is prayed upon by a psycho killer. She has to fight for her life in silence. We see it through her eyes and for parts there is no sound – you feel you are right there with her. Five stars from me.


defiance (1)

The stellar cast alone should be enough to get you to watch with Daniel Craig, Jamie Bell and Liev Schreiber. Set in Belarussia in World War Two it follows Jewish brothers as they escape the Nazis into the forest and join the Russians to fight back.

This should be enough to keep you going for a while. Check out the trailers below and make sure to follow me on Instagram @alantcawley


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