The Best Irish TV Shows Ever!

As a nation we have the capacity to make a lot of muck TV but we have also made a lot of gems too. I am proud to be Irish and I’m also proud that the below list is Irish too. Here are my favourite Irish TV shows.

Father Ted


What can I say? I think I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t love Father Ted. Filmed for Channel Four back in 1995 it was a hit straight away. The goings on in the parish house on Craggy Island were comedy gold. The late Dermot Morgan as Father Ted is one of my favourite characters ever. Hands down the best episode is with Pat Mustard. Check out a clip here;




Ah it’s the lads Fran, Darren, Nidge & Tommy. Many a Sunday night was spent sweating watching this while trying to put up a funny tweet about the show. The pressure! It has been one of the most watched Irish shows on TV and caused outrage when a cat was shot on screen. It made for tricky viewing with your parents watching Debbie give a blow job on screen. The mother awkwardly rushes to put the kettle on.




Glenroe epitomises many an Irish childhood. Sunday evenings meant homework, Glenroe, bath and then bed. Miley & Biddy are the most nostalgic of Irish TV couples. We all remember that famous scene of Miley having an affair in the hay stacks -raunchy for RTE then. They don’t make them like they used to.

Pure Mule

pure mule

Pure Mule was the gritty Irish drama set in County Offaly. It sparked the career of Charlene McKenna (above) who has become a household name over the years. It was great to hear proper bogger accents on screen. Think affairs, money troubles, binge drinking and a threesome on RTE. Can you imagine. All the auld ones chocking on their tea. 

Fade Street


I loved it. Not ashamed. TV genius. Think a mix between Made in Chelsea, Fair City and Podge & Rodge. Who can forget Paul from Wexford – Danni’s boyfriend. The cringey moment when they had a row down in Oxygen. If you didn’t catch it first time round let it be your guilty online pleasure. After porn of course. 

Paisean Faisean


This programme was pure gas. TG4 have come up with quite a good few formats over the years. The Irish language dating show saw three lads battle out for the affection of one woman. All she had to go on were the outfits they picked out for her. You should see some of the dire rig outs the put together. 

Other programmes of note are Bosco, RedRock, Amber and The Clinic. 

Let me know your favourite on Twitter here @alantcawley.




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