Four Things to Watch This Week…

The weather forecast is grim for this week so it’s time to plant your arse on the couch and watch some good TV. Is anyone else sick of the obsession with Making a Murderer? I’ll admit it is good but there is far too much hype around it and it was too dragged out. Anyway if you are at a loss for a series to get into here are my suggestions for this week.

Bridget & Eamon


This is Irish comedy done well! Bridget & Eamon is a successful spin off from RTE2’s Republic of Telly. It taps into the Irish humour of the 1980s Irish parents. Think TK red lemonade, ‘the good room’ and being threatened with the wooden spoon etc. Jennifer Maguire and Bernard O’Shea excel in these roles. Make sure to tune in this Monday, 1st of Feb, at 10pm on RTE2. Check out this clip to see what you’re in for;


The Bridge Season 3


The Bridge is my favourite Nordic series. Sadly we do not have Martin for the third installment. However Saga Noren, the female lead cop, is enough to keep me coming back. If you have not started The Bridge get on Season 1 & 2 on Netflix now. It is in my top 3 best TV shows ever. The current series starts off, like the others, with a bizarre murder scene which hooks you in straight away. Catch it on TG4 Thursday nights at 11:15pm. The first 4 episodes are available on TG4 Player.

Celebrity Big Brother


Love it or loathe it, this year’s Celebrity BB has been the most drama filled series yet. From knicker gate to Megan’s meltdown to Tiffany thinking David Guest had died in the house, I have been glued to it. It has been uncomfortable watching Steph doing the dirt on her boyfriend with Jeremy. Gemma Collins is the biggest diva ever. The Final is this Friday night at 9pm on TV3. At this stage I don’t really want any of them to win apart from maybe Tiffany. Who do you want to win? Watch Megan’s meltdown here for a laugh;


Doctor Foster


I was recently on a long haul flight and i came across this series on the home entertainment system. This has been the most gripping and gritty dramas I have ever watched. Suranne Jones plays the lead – a doctor who finds out her husband is cheating. We know this in the first 15 minutes of the episode. It is how Doctor Foster handles this news which makes for very uncomfortable viewing. The series cleaned up at the NTA’s with Suranne getting the nod for best actress. It is only five episodes long so it isn’t too daunting a series for us time poor folk. Catch it online or watch it on RTE Thursday nights. Quick trailer here;


With about 300 TV channels, Netflix and the internet at our disposal it is hard to chose what to watch these days. There is also a lot of shite out there too. I hope at least one of these tickle your fancy. Let me know what you think on Twitter @alantcawley.



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